At Headway, our Refurbishment service is a journey of rejuvenation, transformation, and the art of breathing new life into existing spaces. We understand that spaces evolve, and our mission is to reimagine and revitalize interiors, giving them a renewed sense of purpose and aesthetics. With a team of creative minds and skilled craftsmen, we embark on a journey to reshape and redefine spaces, capturing the essence of change while honoring the roots of the environment.

Our Refurbishment service is not just about making cosmetic changes; it’s about understanding the soul of the space and infusing it with contemporary brilliance. From modernizing corporate offices to revitalizing commercial establishments, we turn tired interiors into vibrant spaces that inspire and reflect the evolving needs of the present.


After expertly guiding you through each phase of our Refurbishment process, we don’t simply hand back a space; we present you with a reinvented environment that merges the charm of the past with the innovation of the present. At Headway Contracting, we believe that every space has the potential for a fresh beginning, and our commitment is to usher in this transformation with respect for its history. Every alteration, every design element introduced is a testament to our dedication to reimagining spaces that inspire and engage. With us, your refurbished space is not just a change; it’s a narrative of reinvention, woven with care and creativity.

  • 1. Initial Assessment and Visioning: Our Refurbishment journey begins with a comprehensive assessment of the space. We engage in discussions to understand your goals, preferences, and the areas you wish to transform. This initial assessment sets the foundation for our creative vision.
  • 2. Conceptualization and Planning: Our creative team translates your vision into innovative concepts. We create design proposals that breathe new life into the space while respecting its inherent character. The planning phase ensures that every change aligns with your vision.
  • 3. Material and Element Selection: Once the design is approved, we carefully select materials, finishes, and elements that complement the vision. The choices made during this phase enhance the space's ambiance and functionality.
  • 4. Skillful Execution: Our skilled craftsmen and renovation teams bring the design to life with precision. Every alteration, from structural modifications to finishes, is executed with meticulous attention to detail.
  • 5. Seamless Integration: Throughout the refurbishment process, we ensure that the new elements seamlessly integrate with the existing environment. The goal is to create a harmonious transition that retains the spirit of the space while introducing fresh elements.
  • 6. Quality Control and Assessment: Our commitment to quality shines through at every step. Our quality control experts conduct thorough assessments to ensure that the refurbishment aligns with the approved design and meets industry standards.
  • 7. Enhancing Aesthetics and Functionality: As the refurbishment nears completion, we focus on enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. Whether it's updating interiors for a modern appeal or optimizing layout for improved efficiency, every change is designed to elevate the space.
  • 8. Final Walkthrough and Presentation: Before presenting the completed refurbishment, we conduct a final walkthrough to ensure that every detail meets our exacting standards. Once satisfied, we present you with a transformed space that's ready to inspire and captivate.

After skillfully guiding you through each phase of our Refurbishment process, we don’t just offer you an updated space; we present you with a canvas of transformation and rejuvenation. At Headway Contracting, we understand that spaces have stories to tell, and our commitment is to rewrite those stories with a modern, vibrant twist. Every alteration, every design choice is a reflection of our dedication to reimagining spaces while respecting their history. With us, your space evolves into a sanctuary of renewed creativity and purpose.

Headway Group Of Companies

Contact Info

Head Office: #301, Baynunah Tower 1,
Al Hisn, Abu Dhabi, PO Box 41803

+971 2441 1119 Abu Dhabi


Dubai Office: #502, Single Business Tower,
Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay,
PO Box 76069

+971 4380 6666 

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